State Health Polytechnic of Kupang Made an Official Visit to Polkesma

The vistiation of State Health Polytechnic of Kupang

Thursday, November 16th 2017, State Health Polytechnic of Kupang made a visit to Polkesma for comparative study to the implementation of Public Service Agency (BLU). The 22 members of entourage including the director, Mr Drs. Jefrin Sambara, Apt, M.Si attended the meeting held in Directorat hall. The Director of Polkesma, Mr. Budi Susatya, S.Kp, M.Kes did welcome speech to the entourage and shared the institution’ experiences in implementing The BLU.

Later, the Vice Director II, Mr. Setyo harsoyo, S.Km, M.Kes presented the implementation of BLU in Polkesma. in open discussion, participants enthusiastically queried questions and interested to know how to manage the implementation of BLU  in managing the budget, lectures, and employees and students board. The discussion lasted for 2 hours and closed at 12.30 for hospitality and lunch.

credit & reported by Achi, 2017