Germas : Healthy Life with Polkesma goes to Remote Area

Germas : Healthy Life with Polkesma goes to Remote Area


LUMAJANG - Lumajang was the third location of organizing the launching of socialization of Healthy Living Community Movement (Germas), after previously held in Bondowoso and Jember. The declaration took place at Galaxy Klapan. Attending the socialization are Director of State Health Polytechnic of Malang, Budi Susatia, SKp., MKes; Head of Lumajang District Health Office, Ir. Agus Widarto MM; and member of House of Representative, Drs. Ayub Khan, M.Si. Lumajang was chosen as the third location of five districts and cities which this year became ‘jujugan’ (pilot project) of Germas socialization program.

The presence of Germas socialization as a follow-up of Presidential Instruction No. 1 of 2017 on Healthy Living Community Movement, is one of the promotive and preventive activities. The goal is to ensure healthy environment, cleaner environment, productive environment, and reduced medical costs. Drs. Ayub Khan, M.Si. stated that the socialization of Germas program is considered to be very appropriate with the condition of society today. According to him, the pattern of the disease is currently experiencing changes compared to previous years. "In the past 90's, people faced many infectious diseases in the community, but now it’s tend to shift to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cancer," he said.

Indeed, Germas program has been encouraged since two years ago, but now it is more massively conducted in order to form healthy environment. This is in accordance with the theme stated in Salam Germas that is My Healthy Family, My Healthy Nation, and My Prosperous Country. This slogan voiced out repeatedly during the event chaired by Jupriyono, SKp., Mkes as Head of Community Service Unit Polkesma.

Three focus from the government which is stunting, tuberculosis, and immunization. "The goal is that people change behavior to be healthier, because these diseases are associated with unhealthy behavior. There are several steps that can be undertaken, including eating fruit, health check every six months, and so forth, "he said.

Meanwhile, Ir. Agus Widarto MM stated that in 2018, Lumajang has shown a significant progress in eradicating the disease. For stunting it targets a decline of up to 29 percent, as well as TB. "As for immunization, for national target of 90 percent, we have reached 93.3 percent," he added. Director of State Health Polytechnic of Malang, Budi Susatia, SKp., M. Kes said, as university that supports government programs, Polkesma also perform various community services, especially in the field of academic studies. The goal is to overcome and anticipate the disease that develops in the community. "The results of the study can be input to the Ministry of Health as a basis for policy," he said.