New Student Admission – Regular Program

State Health Polytechnic of Malang had accomplished the admission test of new students for the 2018/2019 academic year. The test, regular program held in campuses owned by institution in several big cities in the region on Wednesday, May 5th 2018 was available for admission of sixteen course studies in four departments.

In main campus of Malang, as one of the test location, the entrance test was held in several major buildings, such as Auditorium hall and classrooms and it was supervised by official invigilators. It assessed the candidates’ competency in English, Bahasa Indonesia, mathematics, and sciences.

The result of the admission test is scheduled for June, 7th 2018 and it was around 779 candidates out of 1959 registrants had passed successfully the entrance test. Later, they were advanced to the next phase of the Sipenmaru 2018, medical and psychological test.

The fit test was scheduled for four days started from June of 22nd   and this was requirement for all candidates. The physical exam and health check were taken place in TUK building started at 8 in the morning. Moreover, another test, psychological test was done through in-cooperation with department of psychology of UIN Malang and it was about 829 candidates for the test.