Socialization and Technical Guidance for Certification of Anti-corruption Instructor

Malang – State Health Polytechnic of Malang held Socialization and Technical Guidance for Certification of Anti-corruption Instructor at the Second Floor Meeting Room of the Directorate Office yesterday (4/9). The event was attended by 20 lecturers of Anti-Corruption Education and Culture (PBAK) courses from all departments with presentation of material from resource persons and discussions.

The purpose of the event is to equate perceptions about the background and objectives of the certification of anti-corruption instructors, information-sharing related to certification requirements and terms, as well as the delivery of technical guidelines for organizing supporting documents / evidence of certification.

This activity presented speakers from the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Sandri Justiana. Some of the priorities for discussion topics are:

1. Stages of implementation of Certification of Anti-Corruption Instructor

a. Registration
b. Pre-assessment
c. Assessment
d. Plenary Meeting
e. Submission of Certificate

2. Material tested in the Certification of Anti-Corruption Extension Workers
3. Documents that must be prepared by participants of the Anti-Corruption Certification.

Anti-Corruption Certification is conducted to standardize competencies so that the implementation of counseling is more effective and efficient and is a form of recognition and appreciation of the KPK for participation in eradicating corruption through education.

Participants who have been declared competent as Anti-Corruption instructor are expected to be able to improve the competency of the community towards corruption eradication programs by conducting anti-corruption counseling activities in the workplace in accordance with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) Anti-Corruption Extension Workers.

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