2018 Graduation of Diploma and Bachelor of Applied Science

17th – 18th September 2018, State Health Polytechnic of Malang (Polkesma) has organized graduation ceremony for Diploma and Bachelor of Applied Science held at The Singhasari Resort, Beji, Batu City - East Java.

The procession was held on the Campus Senate Agenda led by the Chairman of the senate, Mr. Budi Susatia, S.Kep. M.Kes, who are also Director of Polkesma. Attended by the Secretary of the PPSDM Health Agency, dr. Trisa Wahjuni Putri, M.Kes and Secretary of the Indonesian Council of Health Workers Hj. Dra. Oos Fatimah Rosyati, M.Kes.  Campus had graduated 614 graduates of Diploma Students and 586 graduates of Bachelor of Applied Science.

In this graduation, it was reported that Polkesma had been achieved educational quality objectives, which is at least 90% of graduates earned GPA ≥ 3.00. 99.57% of graduates earned GPA ≥ 3.00 and the highest GPA that can be achieved by graduates is 3.93

This graduation ceremony feel more relaxed and enjoyable, where the 2018 Graduation featured a vocal solo presentation, traditional dance and student choir. On the 2nd day graduation, the Director of Malang Health Ministry's Poltekkes, Budi Susatia and Nursing Lecturer Sugianto Hadi also presented Javanese songs with lyrics that had been modified as an invitation to prevent Dengue Fever. Graduates also participated in the dance during the vocal solo presentation. In the end, the student graduation speech, Aplonika Asworom from Bintuni (D-III Study Program for Medical Recorders and Health Information) and Sigit Karyono (Malang Nursing RPL Program) officially ended the Senate Session.

This news was broadcasted by the Public Relations, Secretariat Affairs, State Health Polytechnic of Malang. For further information, please contact via email address humas.polkesma@gmail.com.