Polkesma on October

Polkesma on October

State Health Polytechnic of Manado made a visit to Polkesma

The Director of Manado State Health Polytechnic and his entourage mad a warm visit to Polkesma on October 9, 2018. This visit was conducted in order to discuss remuneration on both institution’s perception. The discussion was followed by Head Administration and Personnel, Staff department, Quality Assurance Staff and IT Staff.

Service Satisfaction Survey by PK-BLU

PK-BLU collaborated with IPB as an independent team made a visit to Polkesma for conducting an education and financial service satisfaction survey held on October 9th, 2018.

This service satisfaction survey uses a random sampling technique of 50 students from all departments. Located in the Midwifery department, the service satisfaction survey on finance and education service was conducted by using questionnaire. Before filling out the questionnaire, students received directions on how to fill out the questionnaire. Within 15 minutes, students filled out questionnaires according to personal perceptions of the services obtained during their studies at State Health Polytechnic of Malang. At the end of the questionnaire, there was also a suggestion column that could be filled to improve education and financial services quality at the campus.


The official Visit from State Health Polytechnic of Medan

On October 11st, Polkesma warm welcomed to the Medan State Health Polytechnic visit. The visit was intended to study the management system applied in Polkesma. The gathering was held at directorate building presented at the event were Director and his entourage together with Polkesma high rank officials.