Disaster Simulation and Emergency Food Accommodation by Nutrition Science Student

State health Polytechnic of Malang has implemented competency-based curriculum which shares 60% and 40% of practical and theoretical learning respectively. Hence, the teaching and learning could take place not only in class and laboratory, but also in the field. That’s why, course of Food Production Management held Student field practice in order to complete the theoretical learning of the course.

The field practice was held on November 7th - 8th 2018 at State Health Polytechnic of Malang inviting head of Department, head of study program, lectures, and students. The practice simulated the food production management in emergency situation. Here, food menu divided into four; food for elderly, pregnant mother, adult, and children. To enliven the event, students also performed disaster simulation drama. Finally, all food was evaluated by lecture and served together.

This news was broadcasted by the Public Relations, Secretariat Affairs, State Health Polytechnic of Malang. For further information, please contact via the email address humas.polkesma@gmail.com