Certification of Anti-Corruption Agent by Recognition of Prior Learning

Certification of Anti-Corruption Agent by Recognition of Prior Learning

Incorporating with Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi (LSP) of Corruption Eradication Commission, State Health Polytechnic of Malang held the three-day event of Anti-Corruption Agent Certification via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). (November, 27th 2018)

According to Dian Rahmawati, member of LSP-KPK, in Malang region, twenty-three agents followed the certification had previously passed the online administration process. They were from Polkesma (10 agents), BPSDMD Lampung (13 agents), LBH Amanah Keadilan, Akper Pemkab Ponorogo, Gebrak Jateng, MI Bilingual Al Ikhlas, Rumah Baca Sahabatku, SMA Bina Insan Mandiri Nganjuk, UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, SPAK Malang, FLAC Jember dan BPSDM of South Sulawase Province. All the agents had to follow Pre-assessment which was divided into six group and assessor and advanced assessment if needed.

On his remark, Mr. Sandri Justiana had stressed out four points of criteria evaluation, namely integrity, content mastery, delivery skills and certification. There, all participants should provide document support during the assessment progress.

“The time needed for assessment process is depended on participant’s readiness. The pre assessment process could be done in a day, unless the participants completed the document support” He added.

The vice director I of Polkesma, Moh. Wildan supported the implementation of the event. Later, this activity could be institution development of which higher education, Polytechnic should have Competency Test Unit. He added that Polkesma has become the first institution of health Polytechnic hosted the certification of Anti-corruption Agent.

To close his welcome speech, Moh. Wildan expressed hope that Polkesma could serve best as the host of the event and assessment process run successfully. Then, it was expected that the event could raise self-confident of its Polkesma lectures in delivery anti-corruption course for students.

The news was broadcasted by Public Relation of Polkesma. For further information, contact via email to humas.polkesma@gmail.com.