Commemoretion of Anti-Corruption Festival in Polkesma

Polkesma held Anti-Corruption Festival in commemoration of International anti-corruption day, December of 9th. The festival took place in Auditorium Hall, dated on December 6th participated by 350 participants of Polkesma academic community. In the event, several contests enliven the festival, like debate on the corruption issue, anti corruption campaign by vlog, mini movie, online quiz championship, and anti-corruption ambassador. The contest was expected to sharpen knowledge and skill and to empower students’ intergrity in eradicating corruption.

On top of that, the event held Studium Generale or Guest lecture by Moh. Rofie, Penyuluh Anti Korupsi Utama KPK, and Ade Irawan, Vice-coordinator of Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW). The theme of the generale was “Menumbuhkan Semangat Agen Perubahan dan Integritas dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi” or Empowering the Spirit of Agent of Change and Intergrity in Eradicating Corruption, it was expected that the guest lecture could empower the spirit for all academic community of Malang State Health Polytechnic to be agent of change in eradicating corruption.

“We have anti corruption course, a compulsory course which could strenghthen student’s integrity in combating corruption. Actually, our institution is heading to implement programs like wilayah bebas dari korupsi (WBK) and wilayah birokrasi bersih dan melayani (WBBM), certification of PBAK (anti-corruption course) lectures in cooperated with KPK, and online anti corruption course facilitated by ICW.” Said, Vice Director III, Bernadus Rudy Sunindya.

Both institution of ICW and Polkemsa had cooperated to develop Anti corruption course and to merit community service by signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ICW and Polkesma. further, both parties incoorperated in developing learning material and teaching method in PBAK course to current issues and to welcome Industry 4.0

On the moment of festival, Mr Ade Irawan gave award to Polkesma as the only institution which the most students participated in ICW’s online course nationally in completeing and receiving certificate of Akademi Anti Korupsi ICW 2018. ICW hope that Polkesma could be center of excelence for other academic institutions in merging face-to-face and online learning in blended learning situation. Meanwhile, KPK presented 400 pins and anti corruption sticker. The pin pinning signified the strong of spirit, commitement, and togetherness in eradicating corruption.

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