Quality Assurance



Quality assurance activities at the Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Malang has been started since 2007, beginning with the carry - penampingan benchmarking and assistance in the preparation of the quality management system documents. In October 2011 Polytechnic of Malang finally obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification agency Beureau Veritas Jakarta .
Rather building polytechnic to the Ministry of Education and Culture requires polytechnic to implement Quality Assurance versions of Internal Quality Assurance System ( SPMI ) ( as mandated by Law no. 23/2003 on National Education System and Government Regulation No. 19/2005 on National Education Standards ). Document requirements for the application of SPMI is still in the drafting process in polytechnic of Malang. But still it is difficult to get the right time to put together a team working on each constituent standards, because the activities are very solid in major stints as lecturer and other busyness in performing additional tasks .
Some existing internal quality auditor is very busy with the main tasks and additional tasks, which can not properly perform the audit when an internal audit. In addition to the commitment in the implementation of quality assurance system is not maximized, so that the application of the system documentation is still not carried out activities in accordance with established procedures .
Quality assurance work of the team is limited in number, so have not been able to carry out administrative and record-keeping systems and the implementation of quality monitoring and evaluation system as planned .
 For the year 2012 it has implemented internal auditor training, surveillance audits, and drafting appropriate standards of SPMI National Standard of Education ( SNP ). Besides, it made ​​efforts to increase the awareness of the entire academic community through continuous development and sustainable, as well as carrying out monitoring and supervision systems .
  1. To document the quality policy, quality manual and quality standards of SPMI, has been completed and approved by the Director and disseminated to all related units within the Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Malang
  2. SOP documents, IK, forms have been socialized and are used in the process of activity since 2010, according to the ISO 9001:2008 implementation in the Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Malang. Additionally SOP, IK and the form has been changed with the development and needs .
  3. Training of internal auditors who first implemented in 2010 as many as 20 people and in 2012 made ​​training 2 to as many as 21 people, Sehinggak now there are 41 internal quality auditors who are certified sudh
  4. 1 cycle of internal audits to be implemented in 2011, to 2 and cycle 3 and cycle in 2012 to 4 in 2013 and 5
  5. External audit carried out in 2011 to 1, to 2 in 2012 and in 2013 was the 3rd cycle conducted by PT BSI Group as an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution
  6. RTM in 2013 is the implementation of the RTM to 6 since the implementation of ISO 9001:2008
The benefits of quality assurance activities are all management systems and document management more neatly. All the elements involved in the implementation of activities within the Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Malang more motivated and aware of the importance of the documents used in the process of which is the responsibility of each. Furthermore, in order to deal with institutional and program accreditation study by BAN - PT, all the activities carried out within the framework of quality assurance, is helpful in preparing documents required quality of the BAN - PT .
The success of the implementation of quality assurance system, is determined by the commitment of all components involved in the education system in the Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Malang. For the participation of all components of the executor is required, so that what has been planned to be implemented as well as possible .