Boy Scout

Scouting activities in the Polytechnic MoH Malang

As an institution that commits to the development of its students Polytechnic MoH Malang seeks to improve soft skills of students through the Boy Scouts. Health human resources, especially of health workers is a determining factor for the successful achievement of health development targets. Health workers are professionals who have the insight and services mainly related to ethical leadership. Educational activities undertaken by the Polytechnic MoH Malang not only pay attention to the achievement of competence per se, but a variety of extracurricular activities such as scouting activities are indispensable.

In his speech at the Boy Scout Handbook Revitalization Movement in the polytechnic, Head of Health, confirmed that polytechnic education has the task of carrying out a professional to produce the Human Resources especially health personnel who have professional skills in health, character, moral and devoted to God Almighty.

In order to revitalize scouting movement is very necessary development activities that are innovative and constructive so they can attract more participants to hone their skills. One of the scouts are concerned Rescue Brigade. Kemenkes Polytechnic of Malang is a responsive institution of the importance of these activities. Based on the Decree No. Kwartir Malang Branch. 006 of 2009 has been confirmed for the 1332 Brigade Rescue Force bases 01747-01748 Front Polytechnic Malang Malang MOH.

Rescue Brigade members armed with disaster management knowledge and skills of basic and advanced skills. Basic skills of first aid, evacuation, handling of mass casualties, preparation of emergency kitchens, tents apart pairs, the psychological handling of the disaster, the use of radio communications and handling of clean water and sanitation. Advanced skills in the form of pionering, vertical & horizontal rescue, water rescue, fire handling, navigation and survival. In the coaches scouting activities in cooperation with the competent institutions in their field. The success of the Scout Movement in the polytechnic Kemenkes Malang in preparing the nation's leaders are skilled and have the character, personality and noble character, of course not separated from the role of leader Kwartir, the panel of mentors, coaches/officials and partners who care about the scouts and especially also the students as members.

Documentation of the Boy Scouts of Malang Kemenkes polytechnic can be seen on the Gallery page album. (Contribution of Dyah Widodo/Head of Research and Community Services Unit)